Uncle Funkle's "End of Term" 80s Disco

Uncle Funkle's "End of Term" - 80's Disco 

Sat 15 July 2023

£4 on the door

Just for the grown ups mind!

You all remember that sausage right? Let's go back to the days when Grange Hill was a TV highlight - when day-glo socks and legwarmers rules the earth and, lets face it, everything wasn't as broken as it seems to be today.

This is one of those nights that YOU make special. Either get decked up in all you best 80s finery, be your favourite 80s pop or rock star or celeb, or raid your kids wardrobes  for school uniform and dig out your old school tie. (Dressing up is not mandatory but it makes the big difference)

We'll be playing the 80s music that you want to dance to, just let Unkle know and they'll line it up for you.

It;s been a couple of years since we've had an Unkle Funkle night but the past ones have been brilliant night so lets all sneak past Mrs McCluskey, Bullet Baxter and Mr Bronson and meet up in the boiler house for a big party. Just don't invite Gripper..

Spinning wheels of pure cheese from the greatest pop decade of the twentieth century we're sure this night will have you on the dance floor song after song.