Logging Your Volunteering Hours

The Save Our Stute campaign has attracted some fantastic volunteers doing all kinds of things to keep the Institute alive in Shildon, but did you know that there's a value to all those hours spent organising events, selling cakes, decorating and running events.

If you've not volunteered already but would like to, then drop an e-mail to saveourstute@shildonrailway.institute 

When we come to apply for funding to save the building all of that time counts for something in the eyes of funding partners, so it's important that we track what each of us has been doing. So whenever you've been chipping in a little of your own valuable time to 'Save Our Stute' please remember to visit this page and fill in this form - details will then go to our volunteer tracker Dene who will keep a register.

Importantly - THANK YOU - we'll not manage to do this without you.