A friendly members club, event venue and community focal point for the people of Shildon and beyond in the most recent home of the first Railway Institute in the world which has been in existence from 1833 to present day. 

Located on Redworth Road, New Shildon.


As with so many organisations whose main focus is social, the Institute has been hit severely by the effects of local and national Coronavirus countering restrictions, pushing us to the brink of collapse.  We have launched a public appeal for financial support from the community in a fight for our very existence; not just to keep on serving our town, but also because if the Railway Institute folds, Shildon loses an important legacy founded by rail pioneer Timothy Hackworth and his colleagues themselves. Read more about why here.

As a building, she looks weary, but that's because she has a long story to tell.

We're running a campaign to restore our beautiful building for the community

It's a busy old world. Find out what's going on at the world's oldest Railway Institute. 

Our new film is now available for you to watch on YouTube

To commemorate the 195th Anniversary of the opening of the Stockton and Darlington Railway  this year on the 27th February the Shildon Heritage Alliance CIC have teamed up with the Brusselton Incline Group to bring you this film

"The Story of the Brusselton Incline"

You can also watch "The Full Works" Now!:

The film we made as part of our commemoration and reunion to mark 35 years since the closure of the BREL Shildon Works which was, of course, the main reason that Shildon Railway Institute was built.

This oral history documentary features six former workers recall their time and experiences at the works in a frank and often humorous way, along with imagery of the works in its heyday as well as the present day.

The film was made at no cost by members of the Shildon Heritage Alliance CIC.

Available for Hire


The function room in our magnificent historic Railway Institute building is available for hire, perfect for family occasions, concerts or social activities

Saving Our "Stute"


Shildon Railway Institute, or the "Stute" as it's affectionately known, is without a doubt in need of a little tender care to bring it back to a condition it once enjoyed in Shildon's railway glory days.

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