A friendly members club, event venue and community focal point for the people of Shildon and beyond in the most recent home of the first Railway Institute in the world which has been in existence from 1833 to present day. 

Located on Redworth Road, New Shildon.

Mon - 13:00 pm to 16:00 pm then  19:00 pm to 23:00 pm

Tue - 19:00 pm to 23:00 pm

Wed - 19:00 pm to 23:00 pm

Thu - Closed all day

Fri - 12:00 noon to 23:00 pm

Sat - 12:00 noon to 23:00 pm

Sun - 12:00 noon to 23:00 pm

Support our Stewardess's Appeal to fund a 24 Hour Defibrillator

Our Stewardess, Hazel, would like to raise awareness of the need for more public defibrillators and host one outside of the Railway Institute, paying for the defibrillator, cabinet, installation, training, insurance and ongoing costs and accessories needed. Her challenge is to run a marathon over 24hrs, running a segment on the hour every hour completing the 26.2 miles in the 24 hours.

You can support Hazel by clicking on THIS LINK

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As a building, she looks weary, but that's because she has a long story to tell.

We're running a campaign to restore our beautiful building for the community

It's a busy old world. Find out what's going on at the world's oldest Railway Institute. 

Relive our sparkling online 187th birthday 'open mic' BirthdayParty now.

On 28th November 2020 the Institute turned 187 years old, and though the building is closed, so we were unable to celebrate together in the hall, a number of very special friends, singers and musicians chipped in together to provide the soundtrack to a special and unique tribute. If you weren't one of the 2,200 people that dropped in to the party on the night you can still enjoy it now.

Available for Hire


The function room in our magnificent historic Railway Institute building is available for hire, perfect for family occasions, concerts or social activities

Saving Our "Stute"


Shildon Railway Institute, or the "Stute" as it's affectionately known, is without a doubt in need of a little tender care to bring it back to a condition it once enjoyed in Shildon's railway glory days.