Our Vision

Our vision for revitalisation and renovation in the years ahead.

In seeking a future for Shildon Railway Institute for its community for a generation ahead, it's important to know where you want to be in future. It's fair to say that for a few years our Stute has lost sight of much of what it could have been doing for our community here in Shildon and the surrounding area. We know that to make sure that the Institute is serving its community in ways true to the values its founders intended we need to plot a new course. One that still delivers the services that matter to its loyal members and extended family - but that also reaches out to encompass the needs of other groups and individuals.

To this end, we've been working on a high level blueprint for the future of the Institute - one which, if we can refine and deliver it over the next five years, we believe would make our founders and forefathers proud. It's an outline, but sets out key important principles, values and ideas that we believe are core to what our Railway Institute should be in the twenty-first century.  

In 2021, we'll be sharing this vision more widely with our members and community to understand the next level of detail in our plans. And in parallel we'll be reaching out to organisations that might help us toward this goal for their professional help and advice.

You can pick up a copy of this booklet at our Institute, or access it in electronic form below. It may take a few moments to load, but be patient and it will appear.  We'd love your feedback. You can contact us using the email address feedback@shildonrailway.institute