Works Reunion

Shildon BREL Works Reunion

Saturday 5th October 2019 - 1:00 pm onwards

Given that it's been 35 years since the final closure of the Shildon BREL Wagon Works we thought, having been the social centre for the railway workers and their families since 1833 it would be only right to mark the occasion with a special Reunion Event. After all, the works was the main reason that New Shildon, and this Institute, exists today.

It'll be a great occasion for old comrades to come together again and recall the 'good times' over a pint or two.

We've been collecting all sorts of things for a small exhibition that should prompt a few memories, and are proud to be premiering a new film we've had made for the occasion by the Shildon Heritage Alliance CIC called "The Full Works" which features insightful and humorous interviews with former colleagues from the works.

We'll have photographs and other film footage to take you back. We'll also be running a drinks promotion and making food available to keep you going and doing everything we can to ensure you have a great day among old friends and workmates.

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