Uncle Funkle's 80s Disco

Uncle Funkle's 80's Disco (All Requests Disco)

Tickets (£3.50) (£4 on the door) available from Eventbrite or direct from the Stute bar

This is one of those nights that YOU make special.

First YOU get decked up in all you best 80s finery, be your favourite 80s pop or rock star or celeb, or just dress in the style of the decade. (It's not mandatory but it makes a big difference)

Then YOU choose the 80s music that you want to dance to, just text your requests to the DJ's and they'll do your bidding.

Uncle Funkle's DJ'd here last year with their 'Stranger Tunes' night and it was a brilliant night so we thought we'd fire up the DeLorean one more time and hit 88 miles an hour one more time to go back to the future.

Spinning wheels of pure cheese from the greatest pop decade of the twentieth century we're sure this night will have you on the dance floor song after song.

2020 - Shildon Heritage Alliance CIC