Members Christmas Party 2022

2022 Annual Members' Chritmas Party


£2 refundable ticket.

If you were at our party last year you'll know that our annual Christmas Party for Institute members is without doubt one of the most fun nights of the year.

You must be a member to buy a ticket - but you get the money from your ticket purchase back on your first drink purchase.

Who can forget the Committee members in last year's Santa Race, or the Reindeer Racing. What fantastic prizes will be up for grabs this year?

To make the party doubly special this year we'll have the brilliant HUDSON SISTERS on stage too - and who knows what else we'll have under the tree for you.

So, members, get in early to buy your tickets from the bar. It's basically free (when you get your £2 back) so no need to worry about looking after your pennies for this one - see how much we love you all.