Stuted and Booted - Your Institute Diversifies Into Weekend Car Boot Sales with Covid-19 Measures

"Stuted and Booted" - Your Railway Institute Diversifies Into Weekend Car Boot Sales with Covid-19 Safety Measures

Like many people, you've probably been doing a lot of tidying around the house through the 'lockdown' and come across a load of things you're now wondering what you've been keeping for.  When the county's recycling centres were re-opened there were unprecedented queues and extremely long waiting hours as folk sought to get rid of their unwanted junk.  But what about those things that are simply too good to throw away.

Here at the Stute we're fans of the principle of "your junk is someone else's treasure" and if we can help steer anything away from landfill by helping you find the right new owner then we're willing to give it a go.  Hence from late July we are going to start running the occasional weekend car boot fair from our car park.

We've been doing our research as to how to run one safely and in a manner that reduces risks of passing on Coronavirus and we think we've got it worked out. Measures include the introduction of a one-way circulation system and strict limiting of places for vendors.  We'll be popping something through the doors of everyone in the near neigbourhood to let them know it's happening, but please note that parking for buyers will also be very limited so it'll be an event best visited on foot if you are able.

The first Stute Boot Sale will tale place at 11:00am on Sunday the 26th of July.  There's a small charge of £1 to browse, and for sellers there's a charge of £10 per car (cars only please - no vans etc).  We've already had interest from sellers but there are still spaces left.  We're not currently permitting food vendors.

If you are interested in booking one of the seller's spaces, you can contact us using the following means:


phone: 07863 784 526

(22nd June 2020)

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