Our Video Project

Being the Light at the End of the Shildon Tunnel

Our next project for Shildon Institute Singers

The 'Shildon Tunnel' or Prince of Wales Tunnel as it is more correctly known, opened in 1842 to allow rail traffic from the west to pass under the settlement of Old Shildon up on the hill, negating the need for the Brusselton Incline. When it opened it was the first tunnel in the world to pass under a settlement. 

A 'light at the end of the tunnel' is an expression we use to signify better things on the horizon, in spite of challenges or darker times etc. 

We're creating a song that tells of our hope for a brighter future for our wonderful community, that sometimes does itself down and bemoans the things that it has lost in the past - like our works, swimmimg pool, places we have enjoyed in the past, like pubs and clubs or shops, and most recently our secondary school. The song is about the good things that might yet come that we don't know anything about yet - like when the Locomotion museum came, or our our impressive running track, and our resilient, resourceful and caring spirit - which is a powerful force for good and for change. Our lovely singing group is a great example of how good things happen when people come together and combine their abilities and strengths.

Enabled by the promise of grant funding from Create North, and working in partnership with Xtrasonic Media, the Shildon Institute Singers will record this new song and make a film about what inspires them about our the place where we live.

This page is here to provide resources to help you participate in the project - it will be updated at various stages as we go. Keep coming back as the project continues. Anyone is welcome to participate.

Resources: Sheet music:

For the first time ever we'll be working as a group to create something with 3 harmonsed parts - soprano, alto and tenor - so we're going to be using sheet music. Don't worry if you have never done thos before. It's just there to help you but you can learn the song without it. Rosie will offer guidance.

These links will take you to the three .pdf files of the harmony parts - but don't worry if you don't know which you are. We'll have paper copies of these at rehearsals too - this is just to help you at home. NB be mindful that as we develop the song as a group it might change - we're currently at version 6

The Light at the End of the Shildon Tunnel - Soprano (higher) Part - version 6

The Light at the End of the Shildon Tunnel - Alto (middle) Part - version 6

The Light at the End of the Shildon Tunnel - Tenor (lower) Part - version 6

Resources: Videos with audio to practice to:

These helpful videos will give you something to work with if you want to practice at home between singing sessions or over the summer. Note that these don't have the lyrics on and are designed to be used with the sheet music or lyrics. The backing music is a demonstration of the mood we're trying to create, but will change when we record it properly. There are five videos - they all look the same, but are different.

The first one gives you the audio with the melody with all the parts working together so you can get an idea of the effect we're trying to create.  

The next three give you the Soprano, Alto and Tenor parts on their own so you can hear exactly what each part is contributing and sing along with just your part - or you could sing your part along with another part on video to hear how the two harmonies would work. They are tools for you to use however you would like to.

The last one gives you just the backing without any of the guide parts recorded over it - for when you are confident enough to pracctice singing your own part on your own without the guide.

You can use all or any of them.

Please feel free to feed back to us on how they might be more helpful and we'll do what we can.