Save Our Stute

Save Our Stute

"Save Our Stute" is a campaign being run by the members of the recently formed Shildon Heritage Alliance (a community interest company) in conjunction with, and with the co-operation of, the committee of Shildon Railway Institute.

The campaign's objectives are:

  • To help with the stabilisation of the business of Shildon Railway Institute as a friendly social club in the community of Shildon by helping make the Institute easier to do business with, exploring new opportunities for business and organising events to stimulate business.
  • To work with the committee to identify a new and sustainable vision for the Shildon Railway Institute building as a whole that meets the needs of the community and will have appeal for funding partners.
  • To work with the committee towards the preservation and restoration of this iconic part of Shildon's railway heritage in time for the 2025 railway bicentenary celebrations..

Taking an active part in "Save Our Stute" is open to anyone with a desire to muck in and contribute.

The Shildon Heritage Alliance, the group behind the campaign, is made up of individuals with a wide range of skills from event organising to digital skills, graphic design, marketing and business skills as well as being interested in everyday activism for the community.

When things have gone badly in the town in years gone by there is a tendency for people to cry out "Why didn't somebody....." 

We're just one group trying to work with neighbours to stem that tide of decline and "be that somebody"


To find out more about "Save Our Stute" please come to one of our meetings or contact us via