Transylvanian Ball

Transylvanian Ball - (featuring a participation screening of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show")

Saturday 26th October 2019 - 7:00pm - 11;30pm


Yes, this one's on us! Every year we've been putting a Halloween party on for the little 'uns and we go to a lot of effort to make the place look great for the little monsters - so this year we thought "Why not do something for the older ones too, and get twice the fun for our efforts?" - so here it is - our brilliant Shildon Railway Institute "Transylvanian Ball". For grown-ups 18+.

We'll start out with a disco featuring some of the spookiest freakiest tunes ever - just for fun. There'll be snacks available and some great alcoholic and non-alcoholic Halloween cocktails available too. We'll have a quick  horror quiz and then we'll settle down (a bit) to watch one of the most fun Halloween spectacular films ever made - and as it's the participation version you'll know what to bring.

There'll be a prize for the best dressed 'Transylvanian' too - so make a special effort. It's not compulsory but makes the night go with a bang. 

Don't be a bore sitting at home while we'll all be here doing the Time Warp. You won't want to miss this.

Let us know you're coming by posting the hashtag #SweetTranStutevania and we'll keep you some free popcorn.  

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